10 Days with My Devil – Opening Movie [Voltage]

10 Days with My Devil – Opening Movie [Voltage]

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A Look at 10 Days with my Devil (with screenshots)

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10 Billion Wives (Video Game) (16); 10 Days With My Devil (Video Game) (3); Choujin Gakuen Gowcaizer | Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer (Video Game) (1​) Tag (Video Game) (1); DashBored (Video Game) (5); Date (Almost) Anything​.

In this story, you play a girl who essentially had the perfect day, which ended in her house exploding. Much to her horror, the guys who have all been part of her special day planned that she die in that fire. In a flash of quick thinking, she barters out a deal for 10 more days of life, the reasons for which vary from route to route. She is then assigned a guardian for 10 days, and eventually, romance happens.

She has a fire in her that does not go out because a hot guy is in front of her. She starts out wary of the Devils but after a few days, she just sees them as people. Satoru is the one exception since he acts like a sexual predator half the time anyway, so every woman should be wary of him. But she even dismisses him after a while as an annoyance.

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This morning on Facebook, the Voltage Inc Localisation team posted a very important message regarding the stand alone apps;. After months of deliberation, we have made the agonizing decision to remove all of our standalone apps from both the App Store and Google Play in LATE specific dates below. While the overall company may be big, our team still remains small.

In order to give you a better playing experience, we feel this change needs to happen. This decision was not made lightly; many of our staff members have been with the department since we first started releasing games internationally, and the thought of seeing their babies — ones they invested years worth of time into — being removed, is a painful one.

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Looking for English Romance Games? Try These 6 Otome Game Apps Out

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For all your dating sim and Visual Novel needs 10 Days with my Devil is a game produced by Voltage Inc. for mobile devices. In this story, you play a girl who.

My boyfriend knew about all the other boyfriends I had acquired in the span of a month, but he was surprised to learn how much I had spent on them. Very hungover on New Year’s Day, lying on my stomach and trying to avoid anything involving physical movement, I had decided to look into the romance simulator mobile game genre, a Japanese export of burgeoning popularity. It kind of spiraled out of control from there. As of publication, I am the proud owner of five dating sim apps and nine boyfriends.

Their ranks include a sexually aggressive demon aristocrat, an emotionally withholding celestial deity, and a man with a fedora and a goatee who is unsettlingly referred to as my uncle he is my least favorite. This love story—between woman and modest stable of nearly identical cell phone apps—had a precursor. He was a ninja warrior with silver hair from the game Shall we date? I was, I suspect, also a ninja, but my character suffered from amnesia so it was hard to be sure.

The Shall we date? As a deeply impatient person who was also bedridden for reasons of New Year’s Day, I quickly tired of this model and began to hunt for something more satisfying.

Voltage Inc – 10 Days with My Devil

There is a company called Voltage Inc. Mage and co rescue her and Mage takes her back to the dance hall to dance with just the 2 of them. An anime series shall by Brain’s Base was announced in February 9 and dating on October 7, , which was directed by Ai Yoshimura and written by Tomoko Konparu. After bringing her home Mage starts to question devil goals and feelings for Ritsuka. Otome games, or romance games aimed at a female audience, may have originated in Japan, but their appeal is finally reaching international audiences.

Sigh and shall Azuna and Lindo get devil up in this mess while looking for Ritsuka…and Azuna ends the getting killed.

italianwriter: “ lil-sweet-devil: “ Finally, In Love Again JP (Season 2) 永遠の恋編 ~ Sousuke Kikuchi (CG belongs to Voltage Inc) ” I WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS AND I JUST MADE A VERY WEIRD Discover ideas about Dating Sim Game.

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Dating Game

The company originated in , [1] based in Tokyo, and began to expand to English-speaking audiences in , releasing English-language versions of their games through the Apple Store and Google Play. Voltage’s American subsidiary, Voltage Entertainment USA, have released adaptations of existing Voltage games which have been localized to appeal to Western audiences. Beginning in the subsidiary began producing original games marketed directly to their English-speaking audience.

By it was reported that Voltage had an audience of 22 million across all its games. On January 13, , Voltage Inc.

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This anime has a more adult tone, starting with a monster of the week plot style. Thanks for taking this quiz. Power: The ability to consume all matter in any form. Magic type generator.

10 Days With My Devil – Shiki Kurobane – Main Story – Episode 1

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